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Wisdom Working for the Earth Forum 2022 - Main talks
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Wisdom Working for the Earth Forum 2022 - Main talks

Did you miss the forum this year or would you like to watch the main talks again?
All the recordings of the 11 main talks of the forum will be made available in English and French as VOD (video on demand) on this very page in September 2022. The two round table discussions will be available in French only.

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Until then you can already watch 3 talks in English that were given via zoom during this forum: -> Playlist on YouTube

How Buddhism and environmental wisdom can work together 

How can we nurture inner resources like joy, confidence and peace that are necessary to face the climate emergency and persevere in our ecological commitments? How to deal with “eco-anxiety”, i.e. feeling overwhelmed, distressed or powerless in sight of the magnitude of the climate emergency? How is Buddhist thought and practice relevant in addressing the great challenges of this time? In what way should Buddhism be “engaged”? How can Buddhist and environmental wisdom work together in order to protect the health of our planet? 

These questions were the inspiration for the first edition of the Wisdom Working for the Earth Forum, which took place from the 4th to 6th June in Lerab Ling. This forum was the first in a series of annual events that aim to bring together Buddhist and environmental wisdom and action in order to work together for the health of our planet and of all beings who depend on it. 

This first edition explored the theme of interdependence - a fundamental concept in both ecological thinking and Buddhist philosophy. Experts and practitioners from a variety of environmental and Buddhist disciplines shared their perspectives of interdependence and its implications, guided deeper reflections on this topic and provided specific tools on how to act in harmony with interdependence. The rich program consisted of plenary talks, round table discussions, practical workshops, meditation sessions, a fair of local associations and even an artistic evening. 

More About the Wisdom Working for the Earth Forums

This series of forums aims to encourage Buddhist traditions and environmental movements to join forces, share expertise and practices, and support each other in protecting the health of our planets and of all beings who depend on it. These forums provide the occasion for people from all walks of life to come together and learn practical tools and wisdom from a rich menu of environmental and Buddhist experts to become stewards of change within and around themselves.

If you want to read more about how the Forum came about, you can check out this blog post. 

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