1h 18m 3s
Dharma talk—How can Dharma dialogue with contemporary culture?
Damien Brohon
Buddhist Wisdom

Dharma talk—How can Dharma dialogue with contemporary culture?

A sharing of some thoughts on the writing of "Through the visible"—In French with English translation

Damien Brohon will share with us the creative process that led to the writing of his book "Au travers du visible" by returning to the need for a dialogue between Dharma and contemporary culture, which can give access to a renewed understanding of our sensory experience, particularly our sense of sight. This book offers a journey which starts from very simple experiences of opening the gaze, and leads to emptiness-luminosity, via various stages such as Western art, poetry and philosophy, the notion of contemplative tradition, the Dharma; all this leads to the view of the Mahāyāna.

This conversation will be an opportunity to reflect on how to speak about the Dharma to our relatives as well as to our students if we are instructors, but also to see how to follow a path rooted in the richness of daily life and able to meet the challenges of our time.