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Dharma talk - Bring Your Heart Into the Path
Christine Longaker
Loving Kindness & Compassion

Dharma talk - Bring Your Heart Into the Path

Wherever we are in our practice, we need to reconnect with the fundamental well-being of essence love. Essence love, the inherent knowing we are unconditionally loved, is the source of expression love: our capacity to feel a limitless compassion for others. Therefore, loving kindness is more than a ‘preliminary’ practice, it’s the essential basis for accomplishing every other stage of the path. And practicing self-compassion heals our life, which is absolutely vital if we want to develop genuine bodhichitta and realize our true nature.

By reconnecting with essence love, we nourish ourselves and gain confidence– resulting in a stable sense of joy and well-being and resilience to face life’s difficulties. Any practice we do then becomes richer and deeper, naturally leading to our innermost essence, what Buddha called “an unshakable freedom of heart.”

Includes a guided self-forgiveness practice.

About Christine Longaker

Christine founded US Rigpa in 1981. She helped create one of the first home-care hospices in California and taught care of the dying and their families for over forty years. Her trainings inspired the creation of four hospice programs and two spiritual care centers.

At Sogyal Rinpoche’s request, Christine established the Spiritual Care Program in 1993, which trained international teams to teach spiritual care for medical professionals. She wrote “Facing Death and Finding Hope”, published in nine languages, and helped develop an accredited contemplative palliative care training that was held at Naropa University, USA.  Christine co-authored a research study on The Benefits of Spiritual Care Training that was published in 2005, and the “Are You Ready?” website.

She’s published an album of guided meditations on self-compassion. Presently, Christine is writing a book on self-compassion, and giving online courses based on the book. And, she’s posted Covid-19 spiritual care resources in six languages on her website: www.christinelongaker.com

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  • Dagmar - 1 week ago
    A wonderful teaching by Christine. I can feel that she is speaking from her heart. She gives authentic insides and her message warms my heart and I have the trust that there IS a chance to encover the love of the Buddhas.