1h 21m 29s
Dharma Talk — Coming Home to Ourselves
Andrew Warr
Loving Kindness & Compassion, Meditation

Dharma Talk — Coming Home to Ourselves

The last year has been a challenging.  We don't know exactly what the future will bring but, whatever happens, we can benefit greatly from exploring ways to reduce anxiety and the stresses and strain that challenging circumstances can often bring.  This online gathering is an opportunity to come together and move forward with greater hope and confidence.

Buddhist meditations include a rich array of methods to find peace and ease within ourselves.  As we engage in these practices and as our anxieties begin to melt away, there is a sense of coming home to ourselves as we settle in our body and mind.  As we familiarise ourselves with this way of being, we feel more centred and grounded, more comfortable with ourselves, we find it easier to connect with others, joy arises more readily, and a natural sense of well-being begins to pervade.

In this talk Andrew guides us in meditations for calming the mind and for cultivating loving kindness and compassion.

Suitable for beginners as well as those with more experience in meditation.

Please note: Andrew is teaching in English and being consecutively translated into German.

This talk organised by Riga Germany was part of a weekend seminar with Andrew on the same topic. More information on upcoming events by Rigpa Germany available

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