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DAY 1 - The present moment

Bodhi guided meditations (Updated)

Try out these guided meditation practices from the Clear Mind meditation programme & NEWLY ADDED: Meditations To Go by our friends at Bodhi.

These guided meditation audios will help you find more calm, clarity and concentration and through which bring about a clearer mind and a more awakened heart in everything you do.

The complete Clear Mind Meditation Programme is included in our full-member library here.

The complete set of Meditations To Go is included in our full-member library here.

About Bodhi

We spend so much time in doing that we have forgotten how to be.

We have never been more connected, but many of us feel isolated and alone.

We enjoy so much comfort and entertainment but still feel restless and dissatisfied. We are surrounded by so many beautiful things but we live so fast that we don't even realize it.

Bodhi is a complete program of meditation, compassion and wisdom. For a more serene mind and a more connected and compassionate world.

Bringing together 2,500 years of experience from the science of mind with the latest scientific research and thought, Bodhi is an authentic and accessible program for modern life.

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